The Durham College/U.O.I.T. south campus is bounded by Conlin Road, Simcoe Street, the existing subdivision on the south east boundary, and the valley lands of the Oshawa Creek to the west. It totals some 115 acres and is comprised of:

Valley lands

Sports fields

Simcoe Building/J & K. Buildings

Willey Building

Superbuild programme

Student union

Dormitories (including new buildings)

Potential development & redevelopment lands including existing parking


27.0 ac

20.5 ac

4.0 ac

11.0 ac

2.5 ac

1.0 ac

4.5 ac

44.5 ac

115.0 ac

There are 5,200 full time students in approximately 500,000 square feet. The Superbuild programme will fund construction of 129,000 square feet of new facilities that will accommodate an additional 2,500 students. The Willey Building and its 3 new additions represent a form of institutional development which was favoured in the 60's and 70's and is called a megastructure: many community colleges were constructed in this form. Its "A" wing contains most of the "gathering places" and student services of the existing campus.

The present parking policy attempts to provide for all parking needs on a basis of approximately 1 space for every 2 F.T.E. students. This year, 2710 spaces (including dormitory parking) are provided; this supply more than adequately meets demand. A Master Plan study in July, 2000 proposed approximately 3,600 spaces (at grade) to meet a F.T.E. of 10,000. That study could not have taken into account the potential reduction in demand in consideration of the present intention to accommodate an additional 1,400 residences on the south campus.

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